Wednesday, 17 May 2017


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SACSC Welcome

Jeff Zidel

SACSC President


Sponsor Address

Nomzamo Radebe


Session 1: 08:45 – 10:25

SA economy and consumer outlook: Cyclical improvements vs structural challenges

A deep dive into underlying long-term employment and structural economic trends that are often overlooked, and their implications for the economy and consumer in 2017-2018 and beyond. From a cyclical perspective, what can be expected from the consumer and economy amid tax hikes, elevated debt levels, and cyclical tailwinds?

Elna Moolman

Economist, Macquarie Group


Millennials: How they are shaping the future of the shopping mall

What are the consumers spending on and what makes the business model more attractive? What is the youth market looking for in a shopping experience.

Kate Snyder

Head of Anthropology, Instant Grass International


State of the Retail Market

Overview of the retail market. Critical retail analysts overview taking into account variables.

Kirsty Laschinger

Retail Analyst, Investec



Session 2: 11:00—12:45

Global Trends in Food & Beverage

Food & beverage is assuming greater importance in retail and shopping environments around the globe. What are the key trends globally? Where are the best in class examples? What do they have to offer the consumer, developer and landlord?

Yvonne Court

Partner & Head of International Consultancy, EMEA Cross Border Retail & Leisure


Research to its Logical end

Integrating voices and perspectives to create collaborative solutions that deliver greater customer delight and improved business performance.

Sash Padayachee

Managing Director, Taleo Consulting


Common pitfalls of premium tenants

Premium brands have expanded aggressively into emerging markets. Training and service ethos of emerging markets does not always match those of these brand’s home markets. What does ‘premium’ mean? What are the common pitfalls and errors that premium stores make on the shop floor? What are the differences between European and South African service and how can centre management, owners and brands work to enhance their brand and mall experience, increasing customer loyalty and sales

Stacey Wallaberger

Founder, Metis Consulting



Session 3: 13:45—15:20

The Value of Loyalty

With the explosion of loyalty programmes over the last decade is there still value in loyalty? What are the benefits of these campaigns? Has it changed peoples shopping habits?

Alex Anson-Esparza

Head of Merchandise and Marketing, Clicks


Immerse Yourself - Taking content marketing to the next level.

Branded content. Content Marketing. Digital strategy. Buzzwords for a while now but do you know how to make the most of them? Exploring a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. These experts will talk and walk you through the highly successful #Break the Net digital content campaign that broke the mould with a record breaking number of interactions across a variety of platforms.

Wayne Bishop
Managing Director - PHD Media
Odette Schwegler
Founder - Bl!nk Pictures
Mike Wronski
Managing Director - Digital Flow


If Stores had a Voice – Retail in 2030

If stores had a voice, what would they say and how would they engage the customer to create an ultimately tailored experience? The PwC Customer and Digital team explore the future of retailing. If you think shopping has changed now, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Claudia De Gouveia-Macedo Manager: Strategy & Transformation, Financial Services Advisory, PWC Joven Pillay Customer & Digital Consulting Leader, PWC


Coffee Break

Session 4: 15:50 – 17:00


Shrinking catchment areas. Trends in traffic and demographic profile over time. Investigation into consumer behaviour in the clothing market. What happens to centres when they do renovations? What happens when a new centre opens?

Lynne Krog

Business Manager Tshwane, Caxton Community Papers


Free WiFi for Africa

The story of how Tshwane deployed Africa’s largest public free WiFi network, and established the model for internet as a basic utility, paving the way for all Africans to be within walking distance of free WiFi. Internet access is becoming a municipal service.

Alan Knott Craig

Entrepreneur & Founder, Project Isizwe

17:00 – 19:00

Cocktail Party and Networking