Master of Ceremonies: Fifi Peters

Thursday, 19 March 2020


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SACSC Welcome

Stephan Le Roux

President, SACSC


Sponsor Address

Nomzamo Radebe

CEO, Excellerate JHI

Session 1: 08:30 – 10:25

Retail Disruption. Challenges and Opportunities for Malls and Retailer

Main evolutions that are disrupting the Retail market and focus on two main shopping moods for final customers: emotional and rational. The presentation will be based on case studies, analyzed by the annual research “Retail Innovations”, realized by Kiki Lab with the global network Ebeltoft Group.

Fabrizio Valente



The SA Economic Climate, Factors Affecting Consumer and Retail Market and Implications on the Listed Property Sector

Discussion on a range of economic factors influencing consumer spending and the retail market, including growth in household income, use of credit, online retailing and the oversupply of retail space. How are these factors impact the retail property market and implications for the listed property sector.

Keillen Ndlovu

Head: Listed Property Funds, STANLIB


How to leverage the use of community members as brand ambassadors in Peri-urban and rural areas

Although still struggling financially, South Africa’s rural market remains very aspirational, from the latest clothing and fashion labels, mobile phones to financial services as well as food and cars brands. It is at the bottom of the pyramid that businesses need to invest in the correct ambassadors to drive conversation and consideration with this group of consumers.

Kani Rajuili

Research Director, FOSHIZI



Session 2: 10:45-12:15

Consuming for a Purpose

Today’s Consumers are spoilt for choice, most likely impacting an emerging trend, a desire to contribute to a bigger purpose through spending habits. In this digitally connected world, nobody can hide under the blanket of ignorance any longer. Let’s explore how suppliers and retailers are adapting their strategies to sell the purpose behind their offerings. What story are you telling through your purpose driven strategy?

Isana Cordier

Sector Head for Consumer Goods and Services, ABSA


South Africa’s Top Million Households: An overview of the country’s biggest shoppers

With combined spending power of over R700 billion, South Africa’s top million households account for nearly 40% of all consumer spend and, despite the worsening recession, continue to see their incomes grow. Apart from their financial muscle, those inside this group are also key influencers and ultimately possess the power to make or break brands. The report is packed with new insights to provide marketers with a deeper understanding of this segment and the practical tools to connect.

James Lappeman



Retail of The Future in a V.U.C.A World

Consumers are tired. They are tired of the same corporate offerings with not much reward. It is no wonder e-commerce continues to grow. But we also know they are hungry for new & personal experiences, for innovation & entertainment, for brands that speak to them & their lifestyles and beliefs. They are hungry for provenance & entrepreneurship. They want to feel noticed and special. They want to escape. It’s about the experience that goes with it and the story that goes behind it. They want to share it with their crew.

Arie Fabian



Embracing Ever-emerging Technological Advancements to Support Facility Location

Applying innovative and technologically advanced solutions to support business intelligence through the use of geographic data and spatial modelling techniques for the optimal positioning of retail stores.

Lourens Snyman

GIS Specialist, AFRIGIS



Session 3: 13:50-15:15

The Future of Retail Décor, Refurbishments and Beyond

In keeping with the global consumer shift towards a more ecological standpoint, retailers and architects alike are increasingly specifying lightweight and sustainable materials that also offer Creative innovation and longevity. Innovatively leveraging the latest technologies allows faster turnaround times; quicker on-site installations with cost down benefits. These proven benefits reaped by early adopters in South Africa have influenced others around the world to embrace this material as a standard for the future.

James Beattie

CEO and Founder, XANITA


Unravelling the Complexities of Shoppers

Not only are shoppers looking for brands/services that have a purpose and offer value, but they also want convenience, choice, promotions and a great shopping experience! Retailers and manufacturers must keep up with shoppers' changing needs and demands so that they can adapt their offerings to be relevant and optimise share of wallet.

Kim Reddy

Director: Consumer Insights, THE NIELSEN COMPANY


Technology, Improving the Retail Experience

An overview of how emerging technologies could shape shopping centres over the next 10 years.

Herculano Rodrigues

Associate Director, JAVELIN GROUP


Coffee break

Session 4: 15:45 – 17:00

Leading the Charge

In a competitive and changing world, the ability of any organisation to survive and thrive is primarily driven by quality leadership – the type of leadership that inspires and keeps everyone focused on the end-game, the type of leadership that motivates employees to higher levels of performance and delivery, the type of leadership that inspires employees to commit to the organizational vision, and ultimately, the type of leadership that drives a performance-driven culture that becomes the true source of the organization’s competitive advantage.

Femi Adebanji

Conference Speaker, Author


The Renaissance of Physical Retail

Physical retail spaces continue to sell more - eMarketer predicts that $2trn, or 8%, more sales will go through stores by 2023. But as the time we spend on digital devices also rises, the role of the store changes. Cate shares a range of forward-thinking brands devising new uses for space, supercharging their growth and profits in the process, leaving you with a fresh view on world-leading retail space and what you can do to get ahead.

Cate Trotter

Head of Trends, INSIDER TRENDS


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